INKtober 2018 #3: Draining Away by AnxotheDragon

INKtober 2018 #3: Draining Away


6 October 2018 at 11:34:05 MDT

Better late than never! My internet has more or less been fixed so I'm now able to upload this from my stationary desktop art studio and vomit my poorly drawn gore across the internet.

Speaking of which, I have some light medical guro/medical horror for today! I wanted to work a bit with humanoid anatomy and cartoon-y styles and figured Astraknie would make a good model! Since my health is still not great, this was a good piece of vent art for me and all things considered I'm happy with how it looks! 🖤

Since I'm off a day for INKtober, tomorrow will be another INKtober art day! Since I finished yesterday morning, I'll still had the better part of three days to work so I'm hopeful it'll come out alright! 🖤