Prismatic (Warmpup Doodle!) by AnxotheDragon

Prismatic (Warmpup Doodle!)


3 September 2018 at 16:56:07 MDT

Anxo here, back on schedule with some more art! Today I've got a warm-up doodle from college comp. 1! I liked it so much that I digitized it and colored it in, but it still takes a lot after my traditional style rather than my digital one. All in all I'm happy with how it came out! I may be willing to take offers on the design as well, I have a tenancy to make monsters that rot on my hard drive so I'd be happy to find it a forever home! ^^

Now on to the work itself! I had the idea for a demonic being imprisoned in shards of prism and mirror trying to break free, which is where the sharp edges come from. Plus, it's easier to draw sharp edges with dysgraphia! '^^ I had fun here playing with lines and colors, and I'll certainly digitize more sketches like this in the future!