Milesmali Vent Art by AnxotheDragon (critique requested)

Milesmali Vent Art (critique requested)


31 July 2018 at 18:31:35 MDT

Whaa? Anxo actually finished original artwork for HER characters? I know, unbelievable! And yet here we are! I've been having all kind of issues with my health lately, both mental and physical, and when I found this as an old sketch in my dump folder from a previous hard time in my life I just couldn't resist. Plus, all my Milesmali art usually gets scrapped at the last minute, so it felt good to finish one finally! For those of you who don't know me, my norm is gore and horror, so a cheery colorful piece is just the change of pace I needed to remind myself that it's ok to make mistakes. ^^

Anyways, now that commissions are open, I expect to be a drawing machine! I'll use my time between projects to put more content into the world, and I'll use the rest of it to bring other people's babies to life! You'll see a lot of me in the next month!


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    Glad to see you finished a drawing despite your struggles! I know that can be hard. I find the design interesting too, especially the tail!

    Good luck on commissions

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      Thank you! ^^ Best of luck to you with your creative endeavors as well!