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Season's Readings by anubis_werewolf

Season's Readings


23 December 2014 at 14:28:03 MST

Merry Christmas to everyone!
I wanted to do a huge gift pic to many of the good friends and awesome people I have gotten to know here on FA. I worked SO long on this and I hope that everyone likes it.
Aydin reading Christmas stories to a group of children at the library. I'm sure everyone will spot some familiar faces among them. ;-)

Characters belong to:
AnpuRa & Aydin to Me: Anubis_werewolf
Sekhet Jones to: Starvinartmajor
Ben to: Lizzimba
Bast to: Bast_TW
Omni to: Omni-Aura
Cale to: Calebc123
Cetas to: Cetas
Novra to: Novra
Arekusanderu to: Arekusanderu
Xilimyth to: Xilimyth
Caffeine Kitty to Cybercat
Ryoku to Ryoku7
Gravey to: Gravewalker
Tempest to: Notveryathletic
Dazen to: Dazen_Cobalt
DNA to: Dnapalmhead


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    Super cute!!! Hope you have an awesome Christmas!!!! :)