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Colored Traced by Anuacyl

Colored Traced


23 April 2014 at 16:39:32 MDT

As in my previous submission, this came from a sketch of trina That I wanted to try tracing. This is after I colored it, I had more plans for it but near the end I was ready to call it finished.

Lineart: Athdaraxen Athdaraxen
Character: Anuacyl Anuacyl

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    I really like this! Did you do all the fur work yourself of did you use a brush? My only critique here would be work on how your fur flows with the subject. The hair looks really nice in that respect! Keep up the good work! :3

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      I used a texture file I found with google to do the fur as well as the jacket (only denim texture there). I've yet to find a brush for fur that I like that can be used in GIMP (my main mode of working). The hair is a bristle brush that I like to use for strands (it's a default gimp brush), my hair usually takes about 6 layers (one for the base color, one for darker strands one for lighter, a dupe of the base to synchronize the hue, a shade layer and a layer for highlights (which shows up better when the hair isn't white lol)).

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      I used some brushes I found on deviantart. How's this fur texture? (I love how the torty pattern came out ^,^)

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        Oh wow! Yes! Much better! :3

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    Oh and if you happen to want more sketches to work with, let me know! I love helping others improve! :3

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      Will do ^,^ a friend of mine said she likes sketch style work better than digital work so next time I'll probably try to color over the sketch trying to get a traditional look to see how it turns out ^,^

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        Experimentation is always fun! :3

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    How To Draw: Animal Fur - Photoshop Digital Art T…:

    Oh and here is a good video! It's a little rough but the important thing to learn is that fur moves in different ways, and layers. Layers are your best friend.