Feliments (Free) by Anuacyl (critique requested)

Feliments (Free) (critique requested)


15 April 2014 at 21:23:00 MDT

Feliments (Original Species)

Sheet Guide:
The letters are in reference to the style and fur patterns of each, while the numbers are in reference to the color schemes. Different numbers can breed together, but different letters cannot breed. While these are the only color schemes they ever come in, the shade/tint of the color may vary (being deeper/darker/lighter/brighter colors) or they may be swapped in position (i.e. mainly yellow with some orange instead of mainly orange with some yellow like 3) which is called reversed coloration and is a fairly rare occurrence.

The Feliments are magical creatures that help their human companions with their daily tasks. They are known for their loyalty and instincts, and tend to sense when/what they are able to help and would not hesitate for any reason to help their companions. Feliments have been known to sacrifice themselves in order for their companions to continue living, and to work with other feliments in order to achieve a similar goal (like helping one in need).

Feliments tend to have the ability to sense what a person is likely to become great at in their adult years and pick their companion based on this information. It is for this reason that when taken to get their first feliment, they are to be chosen by one rather than chose one themselves. (Yes, I know this sounds a lot like “the wand choses the wizard” but since getting a feliment is for life it seemed less chaotic plausible if the feliments knew if they were the best choice rather than a child get one based on what they only think they’ll be great at.)

Feliments are generally classified by style and type (example: E1, C5, B3…) but their personal names are discovered after about a week or so of interaction. Nobody knows how they discover their name; they just wake up one morning knowing the name of their personal feliment. While feliments may have different attitudes, they are always eager and willing to help their companions and other feliments.

Customise Guide:

Types: (reflected in color (numbers))
1 Fire: Able to do anything with fire and heat, with minor control over the earth and air.
2 Water: Able to do anything with water and other liquids, with minor control over earth and spirit.
4 Spirit: Able to do anything related to healing and emotions, with minor control over air and water.
3 Air: Able to do anything with air, with minor control over spirit and fire.
5 Earth: Able to do anything with earth (including defining and locating minerals/ores of value), with minor control over water and fire.

Style Attributes: (reflected in pattern and figure (letters))
A Master of Attentiveness, strong in accuracy and stamina while lacking in speed and strength.
B Master of Accuracy, strong in strength and attentiveness while lacking in stamina and speed.
C Master of Strength, strong in accuracy and speed while lacking in attentiveness and stamina.
D Master of Speed, strong in strength and stamina while lacking in attentiveness and accuracy.
E Master of Stamina, strong in attentiveness and speed, while lacking in accuracy and strength.

-You may place any type to any style. Accessories may be added, and shades/tints may be altered. However, patterns may not be changed, but the splotches on style A are random.
-Though Feliments are sentient in their ability to understand the situation thoroughly enough to be of service/help, they are still unable to converse in any form that a real-world pet wouldn’t be able to.
-You may use this guide to create your own Feliment but I do request species credit.
-(Singular Term: “Feliment”)
-You may ask any questions if something isn't clear enough or if not mentioned in here.

More Details

Lineart: zillastarl
(two different links, one links to actual line-art used, other links to line-art owner profile)

Feliments Species design/idea: Anuacyl Anuacyl (with helpful input from a friend or two of course ^,^)

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    can I adopt the earth one? :3

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      Which style? lol, You can have the earth color on any style. What kind of help would you like it to give your character and I can probably suggest a style that'd work best for it?

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        I really like the earth one you used in the picture, so is it ok If I like, use it as a character or something?

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          Sure ^,^ an E-5 would have Control over anything related to earth (nature and dirt/mineral) with minor control over water and fire (perhaps able to draw moisture to rain over a specific area, or to give some warmth where needed). They would be able to hold their skill for a long time (longer than other styles), not easily distracted and are able to respond relatively quick.
          They won't have much strength (like able to reach as far as a C.. or even an A/E. Probably only able to control what is within their sight) and have mild-accuracy (like can hit target within a short distance, but very far away they could miss).

          I'm working on more information about them (like general background, attachment conditions, and health needs), the feliment's companion needs to be at least 15 years old (or a very mature 14 year old would suffice).

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    May I use A1? This species is a delight!

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      Sure, you can even custom them. This was more of a species idea to share with anyone interested. The letter represents the physical pattern, and the number represents the color pattern. So you could make an A5 if you so wished ^,^. I put a basic custom guide in the description but for more information about the species there is a link included to a journal post that tells of the history and general behavior of them.

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    2 with style E?

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      Enjoy ! I don't have anyt other than my phone ATM, but as with every else wanting to use you are free to design 1 or hundreds for your character(s).