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Stuck on Guard Duty by Antumbra (critique requested)

Stuck on Guard Duty (critique requested)


11 January 2015 at 00:13:41 MST

Best way to make sure a whole city of superpowered beings don't escape? How about a suit of armor that makes you a living tank!

Hooray! First pic of 2015! Technically started this one last year, but I've been tinkering with it forever. Really had a blast making the power armor on this.

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    Impressive work! I have to say I always appreciate decent and well-contrived Sci-Fi Works and design, mainly because they exploit the opportunity of shaping an entirely new universe, and as such, they can use the Imagination's agglutination mechanic the most.

    The rain is a fine addition, it adds to the immersion and to the general atmosphere of this artwork. Certainly, it is a a testimony of fine artistry.

    However, if you would permit me this, I would like to say that I cannot help but find the first character's armour a bit too asymmetrical and mayhaps impractical for my tastes. His left side, the shoulder, feels a tad too buffed and the head a little more over to his right than normally, while it should be in the certain. Or at least, that is my impression. Feel free to enlighten me.

    Overall, it is an exquisite work. Obviously you put a lot of work into it. The gun design is sleek and so very practical. I can assume why it is tied to the possessor's arm, in order to prevent him from dropping it, right?
    I like how you made the armour to allow the tails to come out and prevent discomfort. Although I cannot help but find that morbidly humorous as it would be quite a weakness under the hands of incoming threats.

    You have my commendations.

    If I may ask however, is this part of a story, Universe or a lore? Genuinely curious.

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      Thank you! I did try to make the front character's armor somewhat asymmetrical to have a somewhat custom feel to it, buuutt I think I over did it and just made it wonky.

      The gun is actually attached for a power source in the armor, it was kinda meant as a failsafe so only the guards could use it.

      I'm actually making my own comic, just have to iron out some more story outlines and a couple of small changes to the character designs. I hope to roll it out later this year!

      Thanks again!

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        That sounds marvelous, actually! And what kind of theme would this comic approach, if I may give in to my curiosity?

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          So pretty much it was going to be set in a world where on rare occurrences throughout history people would have special abilities (like psychic powers or super strength), but over the past few decades the amount of people with abilities is going up, and most countries have taken to locking up the people in designated cities. About 95% of people locked up can only hear psychic thoughts, but can't transmit them or do anything else but there is still a fear something else might develop in them. The cities have local governments and police, but use their countries currency, trading, taxes, etc. It is a comfy prison, but still a prison. The walls going out are guarded by the people of the above pic.

          The story pretty much is centered around a special division in the police to deal with super powered criminals. While they do that they are also trying to find out a way to have the walls taken down, figure out the cause of increased super powers, and put their lives back together.