Burn Her!! by Antumbra

Burn Her!!


15 October 2014 at 21:08:06 MDT

Trade with AevaRisis on the forums of their character Salara dressed as Midnight Ahri from League of Legends. I have never played, touched, or seen more than 5 min of this game, so I hope I did it justice.

Comments and critques are always appreciated!

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    Absolutely wonderful ~~~~

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    Beautiful job antumbra! I love the glowing effect of the ball very subtle

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    so... beautiful... I will begin immediate work on your half of the trade now that things have calmed down at home.

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      now that gushing is over you did say you wanted critique so i'll do my best to be constructive on the few things i see that could be worked on in the pic (note this is not me being picky, trust me i love the piece, just wanted to point out a few things i noticed). one thing is that there are a couple of locations where the body color bleeds over the lines that is decently noticeable. second your line work is a bit shaky in places and disappears a bit soon on the tail behind the left arm but this problem is very overshadowed by the great shading and coloring.). Note that i had to stare and dig at this pic to get most of these critiques but i absolutely love this and feel horrible that i haven't really started work on your half yet since i'm having difficulty thinking of what to draw him doing.

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        No rush! I totally see what you mean about outside the lines, I tried to clean it up but missed some spots. The lineart thing was going to be intentional with a fading effect, but then I decided against it, and scatterbrain me forgot to fix it.