Alternative Cover / The Bloody Nightmare Virus! by Antiquity-Varmint

Alternative Cover / The Bloody Nightmare Virus!


25 April 2020 at 16:02:38 MDT

Yes I am creating brand new comic pages to tell a story of a man who must struggle with surviving and dealing with the aftermath of the bloody nightmare virus. The world is now transformed into something much worse, and no longer the same anymore. The loss of many friends to the death, and many other friends now have been mutanted into the mindless murderous Bloody Nightmare Creatures. Those Creatures now lives to kill and eat. Those Nightmare Creatures have been created by the deadly bloody nightmare virus. No longer what they used to be anymore, they are now the mindless beasts of the bloody nightmare virus! Can the man alone defeat the bloody nightmare virus? Will he find any survivors to help him on the bloodiest quest the world ever witnessed?

The Nightmare Bloody Virus © 2020 Wesley Hoague
Psycho Popcorn Asylum © 2020 Wesley Hoague

This will be colored soon