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Pawmark Bowling Night by Antiquity-Varmint

Pawmark Bowling Night


Please don't forget to share the telegram chatroom group of mine and my art channel to many of your friends and fans who always love my work! I want to move forward by willing to have decent art making career in the furry fandom best as I can. This is the link to the telegram chatroom here and this is the link to the art channel :D Go and make me proud!

I finally made up my mind that I will publish the whole comic story mostly uncolored as it is here. Only 1st and 8th pages have been colored. So I can have whole brand new year to start off with very clean and fresh workload to deal with. The comic story I have been working on for him, is now three years old. He won it for free on Jan 1st 2016, the jan 1st 2019 is coming closer. ;-; Yeah, I decided it's finally time to start off new and fresh instead of making myself trying to finish up any very old comic story that could take many more weeks to deal with. it's wise to published them all as it is at this point. I worked on it far too long, and it's been delayed far too long with no thanks to my family not allowing me to have more time to work on free arts for people. The old comic story here, is very interesting hybrid mix of old and new art styles. It really does feels weird looking at the faces in a way, I feel I could have done lot better and done lot of things differently XD. I feel that I'm willing to challenge myself to create new ways of art making. Improve myself more. Hope you will have very early happy new year.

It's very seriously interesting that, Jebrone Kitty TF comic story started off as something planned to be more like 15 pages or more. But my parents always make sure I work on projects where I can get paid instead of doing things for free by use of art raffle thing. I'm sick and tried of hiding the TF comic story from my parents for years. I used to believe I would finish it in few months in the year 2016. But, my art studio used to be awful broken mess that did delayed it longer. My parents always loves to use my free time a lot for something else. The list of reasons why it keeps getting delayed is very long...

After the comic story here was close to being lost, delayed for years, did once suffered tight cutting floor to make it shorter in the year 2017 (eight pages instead of 15 pages). The Pawmark Bowling Night is now officially published as it is! I'm now looking forward to the new year 2019 all new and fresh! :D I'm sure things will be wonderful and lot easier! My art studio is now all fixed and cleaned up lot better!

Maybe someday I can change my mind many months later or years later, and willing to finish coloring this old comic story up someday. If my art making speeds becomes lot faster and better moods.

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