[COMM] Striking a Pose! (by Palelady) by Anpumes

[COMM] Striking a Pose! (by Palelady)


18 September 2014 at 19:11:39 MDT

A traditional piece done by the amazing Palelady.

Vēž striking a pose, basically another pinup. I love the color on this one... This piece prompted me to make a change to lighten the orange color to fit closer with this image. This has the extra benefit of allowing his tattoos to go back to a blood color, since they'll show up better now.

Artwork is copyright palelady
Vēž and the Sērbaka species are copyright me (anpumes). The Sērbaka species is closed at this time.


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    You always get good commissions :) Lovely pose!
    Ven changed his markings D: My picture is not actual ;/

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      Thank you. I enjoy getting commissions and I'm always looking for artists with styles adore, such as yours.

      His markings have changed considerably, in fact they've changed again since this image was commissioned. With any luck I've finally settled on a final version.