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Forest monster by Anisis

Forest monster


25 July 2016 at 15:06:50 MDT

A piece I did for Dragon Days artbook some time ago. I really like this one and I put a lot of time and effort into it. I hope you'll enjoy this piece as I do ^^

You can see step by step procces on my Tumblr:

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    Absolutely amazing. That change in position of the closest doe was a smart move!

    With this being for a book and all, would you still be able to sell prints of it?

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    Ack! Run little deer run! I like how the stag is glancing back while everyone else is sensibly running. Suspect glowy monster (the glowing eyes as well as mouth is pretty cool btw!) is going to have roast deer very soon?

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    The details applied to the environment as a whole... holy hell, beyond staggering. 8) Makes my hair stand on end and gives me goosebumps just looking at it! You've done a simply spectacular job with this piece. Freaking kick-butt dragon. <3 Those deer had better skip **faster** if they know what's good for them! >;3

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    Oh wow! This is the kind of art I would drool over as a teen, I always loved illustrations like these! Impressive work! Any idea how many hours you put into this?

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      Thank you ^^ Hmmm, I've been working on this for a month, maybe more than month, I don't remember exactly, it was almost a year ago.

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        WOW that what I call dedication :D Kudos!!!