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Zodiac: Taurus/Monkey

B-day: May 16th

Commission Prices:

I am a multimedia artist, mainly specializing in traditional and digital artworks. For digital art, I use Paint Tool Sai. For traditional, I mainly use watercolors and colored pencils, though I do use other medias occasionally. As my username suggests, I'm mostly an animal artist. Animals and fantasy are my favorite things to draw. I love variety though, so I'll draw any animal/fantasy creature just about, other than anthro/human atm.

Regarding trades: Feel free to ask for one, but I'm more likely to accept if I either like your art or character design. I love variety and interesting designs, so I'm more likely to choose unique character designs rather than wolves, horses, etc all the time. I also experiment a lot with trades, and by default I add a background unless asked not to. As for these, I like going by the 'get what you give' motto, so if you're not willing to do a bg, I won't either. If you ask me for a trade, please try to have your half done first. I don't know how many times I've been ripped off and the other person not do their half, even though I put so much work into my half. :c



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Last Chance to order commissions before raising prices

on 28 April 2014 at 23:00:02 MDT

Haven't posted a journal here in forever, oops! But anyways, I put this on my other main sites, so I thought I'd post it here as well.

Starting May, whenever I get the chance to edit my commissions journal, prices are going to rise. Some may not go up a whole lot, while others might double/triple based on what it is, and how much time/effort/detail/etc goes into it. I'm severely underselling myself with most things, and I've been wanting to raise some of the prices for quite a while now, but with my art blocks and such, I haven't gotten a chance to evaluate and edit my commissions journal. I will most likely be typing up a whole new commission journal, as well as omitting some commission types that are never ordered, and maybe introducing some new types as well, based on past works and commissions. TOS will also be looked over and edited/organized based on past experiences and new knowledge. I may also be adding in a new 'file size' option on digital pieces, obviously smaller pieces will be cheaper, and print-size (300 DPI/3000 px+) and above will be more expensive. Traditional commissions will be temporarily removed/not added until I can work on them again, and then I will be reevaluating and changing prices for those as well. I will also want to do more research on shipping prices for different sizes and types of mail. I might also start using the 'request money'/invoice feature of paypal, and will need the commissioner's email at the time of ordering.

Last Chance: Any order placed before Monday May 5th (and paid within the month) will keep their prices locked at the current "discounted" prices. Commissions not paid for by the end of the month will be cancelled, and re-orders will be charged the full updated price (unless I decide otherwise).
As always, I will not start any commissions until some form of payment has been made.

All info for the commission should be given in a note like usual when placing an order, and the amount for that commission will be set at that time. Payment is then due by the end of the month of May (with a mercy period of June 1st to cover for time differences). Commissioners may pay at any time during the month of May, as long as you notify me before/when sending the money, so I know to be expecting it. Usernames should be included in the notes when paying so I can properly identify who sent the payment. If you'd like, I can start using the invoice option at the time of ordering so I can try it out.
My current commission prices:

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