Sweet Apple Acres: For Sale by Owner by Anima (critique requested)

Sweet Apple Acres: For Sale by Owner (critique requested)


2 November 2014 at 23:47:22 MST

Applejack has tried everything she can think of to turn things around at her family farm, but every month brings disappointing sales and further expenses. She feels the weight of responsibility for the farm and its imminent failure bearing down on her harder every day, and every failed attempt to fix things drives her deeper into depression.

Old habits kick in, and friends' searching questions are deflected, sidestepped, and eventually even answered with outright lies.

Sweet Apple Acres, the Apple family, and even the Elements of Harmony are all in greater danger than all but one mare knows, or will admit.

(This began as 2013's Nanowrimo novel, and I spent almost a year on and off revising and adding to it, to produce this. I've struggled with depression for more than half my life, and it's claimed at least one of my friends. This story, though it comes in an odd guise, is my attempt to give you the reader some language to use to tell others how you feel, if you suffer from depression. I hope that it will also help those who have never dealt with depression to better understand it, and to give them ideas for helping their depressed friends, as well as warning signs to look for. I can't tell you how many tears went into the writing of this story, it took such a lot out of me, bringing dark and lonely times to the fore. Enjoy the story, learn from it, and spread it if you find it useful or at least a good read.)

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