BarebackKnuckles - parody cover by Anhes

BarebackKnuckles - parody cover


6 May 2017 at 15:00:29 MDT

This is a parody cover for BareBack Knuckles based on KOF XI. I did some updates in the designs and clothes (so now is rated T =P)

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Thanks in advance.

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    I would play this game just on the cover alone I get so much personality from each character. The stoic wolf, the confident lion, the brawler horse, the playful bunny, the melancholy tiger, and the tender rex all of them look like they have interesting stories to tell.

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      Thanks ^^ I hope to do more concept art in the future, and probably a little introductory comic. I wrote a little story but I'm not a good writer to make it public.

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        You are probably a better writer than you think. If you have the imagination you can make words dance on a page, as long as there is a beginning, middle, and end. So far your Just Go On comic has some power behind it, I feel Nick and the Chief tension building up to the current point even if that's all we get to see for now.