Five Nights at Freddy's by Angry_Koala

Five Nights at Freddy's


20 December 2014 at 15:30:30 MST

This is old. It was made before 5NaF 2 came out so it's been sitting in my completed folder for a while. I was gonna shade it but... eh :T I have golden Freddy too, but it was just Freddy with a yellow design instead so I did't add it. I'll probably upload it later, for now here's the four main jerk faces. I did anthropomorphic versions of them cause... why not? I'll probably do gijinka versions of them too soon. I see them drawn in lots of different ways. I wanted to keep Bonnie more androgynous, but I ended up making him buff cause I just wanted to see how he'd look in the style.

So here we have fat ass Freddy, bara Bonnie, chubby Chica(my favorite <3), and faggot Foxy. Oh, I mean, flaco Foxy... yeah that's what I meant, flaco... shifty eyes

Who knows, I might do the toy cast, the Puppeteer, and Balloon Boy from 5NaF 2, but for now enjoy~ >:3

art © to Angry_Koala
Five Nights at Freddy's © to Scott Cawthon

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    Oh gosh these are amazing, especially Bonnie! Looks like they could seriously, mess you up!

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      Thanks! The 5NaF crew are a pretty clean slate when it comes to interpreting character designs. I could see Bonnie being the type that just wants to beat the shit out of anyone they can get their hands on, which may or may not include Foxy XD

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        So many ways to interpret lol. It's fascinating.

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