Happy Family by Angry_Koala

Happy Family


7 February 2014 at 16:30:17 MST

Asami (guy on the far left), is the god of fate/destiny. If you have a question about your future go to the top of a large mountain and ask him yourself. Unless you run into his sons, Yuudai (gnoll in the middle) and Yuichi (gnoll on the far right), then you're in a world of hurt cause no one sees their mother... yes they refer to him as their mother. He raised them and has pretty hair, what do you all expect? XD

So, when I was coloring Asami's eyes I went for the great owl from Secret of NIMH; http://img.movieboom.biz/movie/screen/27837/10.jpg It turned out okay I guess. I should mess around with his design a bit more lol

The twins are what some people in Daisha call corrupted. A corrupted is usually a wizard that tapped too far into dark magic, this mostly occur with necromancers since they toy with the dead. When someone becomes corrupted they have a chance of bringing demons into their soul. I haven't worked on it yet, but basically a wizard used Yuudai and Yuichi as a vessel, but he failed horribly and the gnolls escaped, eventually finding Asami. Then they lived happily ever after, the end!

Also, Asami calls his sons champions as well and a champion is a mortal that fights for a specific god. Death, Life, War, etc. So yeah, a lot of things to try and explain and don't feel like it. Who knows, maybe I'll explain it some other time :P

Asami, Yuudai, Yuichi, and Tales of Daisha © to Angry_Koala

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