Sloppy Kissers by Angry_Koala

Sloppy Kissers


23 June 2017 at 12:27:38 MDT

This is from a sketch dump I posted over on my FA. This will be the only one that'll be like this. I haven't shaded anything in a while so this was nice to do~ <3

If you're all curious during a stream aristocrats(FA) commissioned his hot hairy rat girl being a jerk and I said "Well shit, I'd ship this hairy babe with Marigold" and then after chatting for a bit I doodled a sketch page of these two together and now... Marigold has a really weird AU. She has the ability to lay golden eggs as well as silver and bronze depending how turned on she is. The rat girl(who still doesn't have name yet XD) keeps her as a pet to make a profit, but the two end up hitting it off and it becomes more then just master/pet~ OwO/

I thought this one was the cutest hence why I finished this one first. Since Marigold has a beak she can't kiss so I'd imagine there's a lot of licking happening for 'kisses'. I fuckin' love this pairing, goddamn~ >w>

Marigold/Art © to Angry_Koala
Rat girl © to aristocrats(FA)

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