Axolotl Siblings by Angry_Koala

Axolotl Siblings


9 May 2017 at 14:40:57 MDT

I was in the mood to draw axolotls and start a new fantasy-esque story because why the fuck not? I don't have too many stories or anything =w=

So here's Tadeo and his older sister Estella. Estella is a witch that specializes in enchanting and potion making but dabbles in summoning and destruction. Her younger brother Tadeo is, of course, just a powerhouse and decked with some of Estella's enchanted trinkets. He could easily barrel through bandits or whomever in his way.

Estella raised her little brother herself after their parents passed so Tadeo sees her as more then his older sister and holds much respect for her. He also refuses to leave her side and is probably a mama's boy towards her lol. The two are travelling merchants and owns a caravan where Estelle sells potions and enchant weapons and armor. With Tadeo's hulking size he's mostly in charge of keeping the caravan safe during their travels. He doesn't need to worry too much about his sister though. Despite being so small she can hold her own in a fight.

There'll be a nude version of this uploaded soon btw. So be on the lookout for that~ ;3

Tadeo and Estella © to Angry_Koala

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