WIP- Slashers by Angry_Koala

WIP- Slashers


11 October 2016 at 20:13:58 MDT

Me and my buddy SpicedPumpkin(FA) is making a horror universe about a madman that owns a creepy motel and lets these slashers(pets?) roam around and murder anyone that tries to run away or pry into places they're not allowed. Lots of murder, lots of hot spooky monsters, and lots of horrific fun~ ;D

These two don't have names just yet(they did at first, but I'm gonna change it). The one on the left is a tracker/hunter(think of trapper from Dead by Daylight) patchwork/frankentein's monster thing and the one on the right is something straight outta hell. She's(and yes, that's a woman. Pretty, huh? ;3) a loose cannon. While the patchwork is tactful and is always one step ahead of his victims the hell thing just goes in for the kill like a feral animal. She's like the screaming and smell of fear. If patchwork can't catch the victim hell thing can and vice versa. I also wanna design masks for them(like the slashers from Dead by Daylight) and maybe a third slasher will be made soon, idk.

I gotta finish this soon, but for now enjoy these pretty faces~ UwU/

Characters © to Angry_Koala
Macabre Motel is a collab story between SpicedPumpkin(FA) and Angry_Koala

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