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12 July 2016 at 09:24:10 MDT

So here's Tobias. Kavarog's super kawaii(and incredibly creepy) son XD

He's a very interesting child, but what do you expect from the anti-christ? Toby is a loner and doesn't like to really talk to other kids, unless it's Owen and his friends. Owen gets stuck with taking Toby along on his misadventures. He loooves Owen and looks up to him like a big brother XD Toby is the town's pride and joy. He's the child that is said to bring the demon of suffering and eternal damnation to earth and wreck havoc. So he gets the royal treatment and Owen HAS to be nice to him. Think of him as the annoying younger sibling that has to be taken with or else the parents will be pissed lol. He likes stuffed... things and the one in his arms is his favorite. Her name's Moki and she was given to him by Kavarog as a protector.

Now for something sad. Brooklyn(Toby's mother) doesn't like him. She doesn't hate him, but Toby tends to scare her. Being the child that's suppose to destroy everything you know and love would do that to a person. Despite that though Toby loves his mother, even if he knows/thinks she won't ever love him in return. He desperately tries to seek her attention and any sort of affection. Every little bit counts for him... this story wasn't suppose to be serious. I suck at dark comedies :C

Oh, and if you're wondering why he looks mostly like Kavarog, well demon blood is very strong. So Toby doesn't look anything like his mama :V

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