WIP- AK the Butcher- Character Dump by Angry_Koala

WIP- AK the Butcher- Character Dump


7 July 2016 at 16:50:47 MDT

So last night I could barely fucking sleep and that's because I decided that I'm gonna expand AK the Butcher's universe and the main cast will be marsupials. Each of them loves AK's goods and each are extremely shitty people. Also, the story sort of turned occult-esque. I'll explain down the line of characters. Remember that these guys are ALL NEW so I won't have a lot about them XD

  1. Dominic- Meredith's husband, the mayor's personal bodyguard, and the town metalhead lol. Even if he doesn't show many emotions he's actually head over heels for Meredith and will(and has) kill for her. She'll also kill for him. They're a lovely couple :3

  2. Tobias- He's Brooklyn and Kavarog's son. He's the son of a dark god. He's basically the town's own little anti-christ and they all wait on him hand and foot XD He's not a bandicoot like his mother. He's a marsupial lion like his papa. Demon blood is strong like that.

  3. Moki- This is Tobias's cute possessed stuffed koala. It was created to protect him by Kavarog.

  4. Brooklyn- She's Tobias's mother and Kavarog's mate... for a night. Kavarog made her a deal that if she has his offspring he'll pay her rent and she'll be living pretty. So she did and nine months later Tobas was born, yay~ She's sort of the town slut... yeah, I'm good at character development, guys :B

  5. Father Gregor- He's an old fat god fearing cannibalistic priest. Fun character this one and the reason why I decided to expand the butcher's universe. He's the priest at the town church, but he's not a very good one. He loves sex, almost more then eating! His favorite partners are Brooklyn and Owen(fun fact, Owen is a MASSIVE whore. I dunno why I made him such a hoe but, eh, why not? XD)

  6. Mayor Alric- I thought it would be cool to make the mayor a thylacine. He's a stereotypical ladies man and uses his social power and money to attract the ladies(he also tends to sleep with Owen. That boy gets around). He's also probably gonna be The Butcher's side piece? Or boyfriend? I've been wanting her to be in a relationship and after drawing Alric I'd ship it for sure XD He's also into some occult stuff, which is why Kavarog is a thing.

  7. Meredith- She's a redesign of a sketch of this lady; http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20439161/ (2nd sketch). She's like a 50's housewife that likes cooking people lol. She's The Butcher's best(and only) friend and her most loyal customer. She loooves cooking and runs her own catering business. She's also Dominic's loving wife and the two are a cute couple :D

  8. Kavarog- He's a demon... a big bad demon based off of a marsupial lion with the horns of a jacob sheep. He's Tobias's father and the 'monster' that stalks the town at night and preys on unsuspecting victims. Kavarog's the son of the powerful demon of suffering and eternal damnation and was summoned to the town by the mayor Alric to be a slave but like the usual demon story goes he was too strong to control. So it resulted in failure for Alric, but Kavarog decided to stay and made the powerful warlock a deal. I dunno what the deal was, but Kavarog gets to roam around town instead of going back to hell to his nagging father. So must've got the better end of the bargain(or maybe Alric did since he wasn't killed) XD

There might be a couple more characters to come. I especially want a chief/police officer character >w<

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    OMG Heads up Is it cool to draw them? Omg hell town from hell

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      Of course~ >w< I swear, it started with Meredith and ended with seven more new characters and a couple more on the way! A little town of cannibalistic marsupials XD

      Also, omg reading hell town I for some reason thought Helton. Sort of like a mix of those two words. Possible name for their town~ lol

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        Yay i do have alot of ideas through the mind X3

        and helton a quiet lil town where everyone know everyone

        but all is not what it seems

        I am pumped I want to see more :3