Nippy by Angry_Koala



26 June 2016 at 12:59:26 MDT

I had so much fun with this that I finished it in a day. I did the sketch only yesterday and decided "Fuck it" and finished this pic today. Generva's a nippy little fucker~ I added a bruise and a little blood to Sikes's lip. Poor guy XD Generva doesn't like anyone except her mama and grandpappy at this age. It wasn't until she was three and put in preschool did she meet Muhjah and opened up a bit with the other children.

Also, I nearly forgot that I should make Sikes and Abella a little younger looking. They had all their wrinkles in the original lineart XD Sikes still looked the same back in the day, but he didn't have the white streaks in his hair and he had less wrinkles. Abella is in her late 20s around this time and doesn't have many of her scars. The main ones are the one across her eye, the one on her neck and the small one on her lip, which Generva gave to her after having a fit and managed to kick her. This is around the time she first adopted Generva too so she was getting use to being a mother. I bet you're all wondering, why did Abella take in a child? I don't fuckin' know. I haven't hashed that story out yet. I'm thinking Generva's parents owed some money and decided selling their kid was good enough. That OR Abella had Generva's biological parents killed off(for whatever reason) and didn't know they had a kid. So when she found out she took the child into her home out of guilt. Something along either of those two lines. I'm not sure yet.

Also, I wanna dick around with wording and speech bubbles. So yeah, enjoy guys :V

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