Baby Dark Gods -trypophobia- by Angry_Koala

Baby Dark Gods -trypophobia-


17 April 2016 at 16:22:40 MDT

Aw man, I nearly forgot to upload this. I've been redoing the Cult of Daquthata story and hashing out more concepts about various dark gods(there'll be more then just Jonah, oh yeah~).

So, I was doodling how a dark god would look as a baby. I made them too cute! I love this design XD I might ditch the stinger though. Only because each baby god is gonna have a slight difference and there's already a goddess that has a stinger. I decided to draw Jonah and Fester(FuckingGross finally got a name, look him up in my gallery if you don't know who he is). Fester already had worms growing in his body(he's the god of decay hence why he has worms growing in him) and Jonah was a fluffy little bun bun bug~ <3

I'll draw him again, but for now these were just a quick doodle of dark god babies. Dark gods are like parasites so they can be planted in a male or female host. Some dark gods would devour one or both of their parents. Few gods value their parents. Daquthata is one of those few, which is why he's such a daddy's boy lol and Tehanaqugu(Fester's god name ;D) devours his mother from the inside out.

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