WIP- Knight in shinning armor by Angry_Koala

WIP- Knight in shinning armor


16 December 2015 at 07:13:18 MST

Had this idea in my head about how Gunda gets with her girlfriend(who's yet to have a name, feel free to suggest some names). Basically Gunda sees cute calico girl getting fondled by some guy and goes in to beat the shit out of him and mack it to a cute girl. However, come to find out that guy was actually her boyfriend. He's an asshole though, so he deserved the ass beating, but cute calico girl isn't happy XD

Also, I haven't drawn the school girl uniform yet for AK's delinquent AU, so here it is. I need to get a quick ref of it soon. I might add the school crest on their uniforms or something. Anyways, if you're all wondering cute calico girl is actually the cheer squad leader and the one that got the girls together to beat AK up(I only have the WIP of that, but look in my scraps to find it). So yeah, she isn't one to mess with. Also, she's probably my first bi female character, at least one that's open. Originally AK was gonna be bi too in this AU, but I ended up changing her to asexual cause... why not? I dunno, there's a lot I need to start getting down about this story :V

Gunda and cute calico girl © to Angry_Koala

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