13 Days of Halloween - 50% off sale (19th-31st) by Angry_Koala

13 Days of Halloween - 50% off sale (19th-31st)


18 October 2015 at 10:01:18 MDT

The prices can all be found HERE

For thirteen days I'm gonna be listening to spooky stories and streaming commissions over on Picarto from noon(CDT/US) to whenever the hell I wanna fall asleep Too tired for this

I'm promoting this early because you can either save yourself a slot now and wait to pay on the 19th OR wait until the 19th to catch me during the stream to commission something. I really wouldn't mind. BUT you have to pay upfront before I start on your commission.

-You may commission anything that's SFW, NSFW(but I'm pretty vanilla), or gore. I'm sort of vanilla when it comes to NSFW, but if you're not sure about anything then just ask.

-Preferred payment is PayPal
-Payment in USD
-Pay upfront in full

-Pictures will be watermarked, BUT you'll get the full size unwatermarked version of your picture as well as the watermarked one. Icons will be resized for you as well.

Once again, the prices can all be found HERE

The slots are unlimited for now

-BrainofBarbedWires on FA - Chibi

Oh, and even if you're not commissioning me that doesn't mean you can't pop into the stream to say hello, chit chat, and shit your pants from the spooky stories ;3

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