WIP- Tentacle Monster Characters by Angry_Koala

WIP- Tentacle Monster Characters


9 October 2015 at 08:40:33 MDT

I'm making tentacle monster characters with the 9 base neon colors they come in. I'm making like, 10 though. One design had a 'split' design. I was really bored and decided to get these character designs out of my head with a base I made(I'm probably gonna use it again) :B This is also a good example of the different kinds of body types tentacle monsters could have. Those aren't vagina btw, their tentacles are sheathed. They're not really 'gendered' because they all have tentacle crotches. I guess they're all like snails/slugs, they're not herms and they can't bare children. Only the tentacle monster queen can. So yeah, tentacle monster characters, yay~ :D

Also, if anyone wants to make their own tentacle monster(this version) then... go right ahead. They can be any shape and size, though they look human the only thing different other then the sharp teeth are the obvious tentacle crotch. Their tentacles come in 9 neon colors; http://cnena.deviantart.com/art/Larva-Color-Ref-428751458
Black, white, red, neon blue, lime green, purple, orange, hot pink, and yellow. They can also come in a 'split' color, but I'll show you guys what that looks like when these are done :T

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