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The Ligers happy days: Day 4 by angelshot555

In the morning Onmyō awoke still feeling full from the meal he had that night. “mmm yeah that was a really good meal last night.” He purred out while stretching. “yes it was.” Nayla agreed while stretching. “I can’t wait to hear Bucky’s voice again.” She exclaimed while Onmyō gave her a nod. “bet ya you’ll like to see the Hyena girl again.” She said with a curious taunting voice. “if you're going to be like that you could just stay here.” he told her with a grin. “so what are you going to do with Dazzle today?" she asked as they crept their way out of their home. "I think I'll let her decide what to do this time." He told her while they made their way to the beach seeing that Jasiri was there with her brothers and another Female Hyena.

“Peter! You’re here!” Jasiri exclaimed. “Nayla!” Bucky shouted excitedly when he saw her. “Bucky!” Nayla called out with a huge smile as she trotted her way over to them and tripped on a rock and tumbled to the ground. “Nayla!” Onmyō and Bucky yelled worryingly. “I’m alright.” She said while jumping to her feet smiling and blushing. “so this is the famous Peter and his sister?” the new hyena spoke up, she was completely black with grey spots, her eyes are a soothing pink, her black hair had red highlights that looked like a drop of red food coloring was dropped into black snow. “um, hi.” Onmyō spoke up with a bit of nervousness in his voice causing Nayla to become worried. “what’s Wrong?” Nayla Asked.

“I’m Jasiri’s sister, some say we’re twins, if it wasn’t for the fur, we’d be identical, you can call me Razzle.” She said with a bow. “I see. It's nice to meet you too.” Onmyō said with a bow. “oh! and a gentleman as well.” She exclaimed and smiled seductively. “um, what do you mean by famous?” Nayla questioned worryingly. “whenever the adults aren’t around these two would talk none stop about you two.” She told them causing the four of them to blush. “so, what are we doing today?” Dazzle asked excitedly. “well I was wondering what you like to do?” Onmyō told her nervously. “I see.” She spoke with a Blush.

“Well, I-I like to sing and watch the Royal Mjuzi mixing paints and medicine." Jasiri told him causing Onmyō to look a bit nervous about the last one. "uh, but we can do the first one if you like.” She told him worryingly. “no it's okay we can do that one if you like." He smiled happily. "aw but, Jasiri! We wanted to go swimming!” Fifle whined out. “you mean Dazzle.” Bucky said with a grin causing Jasiri to blush and glare at him while Nayla leaned on Bucky causing him to blush with a huge smile. “you can still Swim with me watching.” Jarjar told them. “we can stay for a bit.” Onmyō told them as he smiled at Jasiri.

She smiled back excitedly, both Onmyō and Jasiri sat down while Fifle sprinted to the water as Nayla and Bucky walked along the water making sure only to get their paws wet as they walked and talked, while Onmyō looked at Jasiri as she looked nervously at the water causing him to nuzzle her, she blushed and started to hum a familiar tune and Onmyō started after humming the same tune. “say Dazzle, that’s a nice little tune.” He told her. “thank you! I made it, it's about the legendary Lion Guard." she exclaimed. "Lion Guard?" he asked.

“Yeah! It’s a group of lions that keeps the peace in a place, that I don’t really remember the name of, but it’s saying they stop other animals from attacking or arguing with others.” She told him happily. “that sounds like a place I'd like to live." Onmyō said with a smile while watching the group playing around, Nayla and Bucky giggling as they moved around the water occasionally splashing the water at one another, and Razzle seemed to occasionally look at Onmyō and Jasiri as they talked. "Hey! Why not come on down, The water's nice." Razzle called out causing Onmyō to stand up happily. "ya coming Dazzle?” Onmyō asked looking at Jasiri. “um yeah. Hay can we, um, can we go Surfing again?” she asked.

“You sure about that? I thought you have a fear of large bodies of water?” Onmyō asked with his brows raised. “I am, but I’m wanting to get over my fear.” She told him with a nervous smile. “ok, let's go.” He smiled as they saw the piece of wood, they used the other day was still nearby. “hay! Where are you going?" Razzle asked trotting up to them while calling out to get the attention of the others. "oh! Peter is helping me face my fears by taking me out on the water.” She told her as the others came close. “ah the sight from there is most beautiful.” Nayla told her. “huh? Thought you were blind?” Bucky asked.

"I am, but it's more like echolocation, I can see shapes, but not color." She told him while Jasiri and Onmyō hopped on the board and waded out causing all the onlookers to get nervous as they moved further out passing the island full of hissing lizards. "um Peter, are we safe out here?” Jasiri asked as she looked at the large lizards on the island beach. “as long as we don’t move to the left while the waves roll.” He told her confidently. “oh, ok.” She told him her side rubbing his as she looked at the island, soon they were looking like a dot to the group when suddenly they started to move as the water behind them started to rise.

They watched in suspense as they sailed through the water, they gasped suddenly as they saw the wave crashing down over them. “just wait for it.” Nayla told them as the wave got closer to the shore, soon they spotted them coming out of the tunnel just as it collapsed in on itself and glided effortlessly to shore with a smile on both their faces. “that is a-mazing, you guys have to try.” Jasiri told them hopping off the board her tail happily wagging. “hey! I’m a girl sis.” Razzle told her giggling. “can we have a turn?” Fifle asked walking up to him.

"of course, Fifle, if Jarjar says it's ok." Onmyō told him causing them to look at their brother. "only if I can go first.” He said with a smile. “it's fine with me.” Onmyō said with a smile looking at the others, the others nodded in agreement. “ok hop on.” Onmyō told him as he scooted around getting the eldest of Jasiri’s brothers onto the board and began to paddle back into deep water. “so Onmyō, how often do you do this?” Jarjar asked looking a bit nervous. “oh? A lot, I had to practice getting this good.” Onmyō told him.

“of course. Whoa.” He said nervously as the board teetered, soon they were at the spot they wanted to be and began to turn it towards the beach just as a huge wave appeared on the horizon, soon the wave was pushing them back to shore giving Jarjar a rush of excitement as they rush toward the shore, slowly each one had a turn until it was Razzle’s turn. “my turn Hun.” She said with a smile while she got on next to him causing Jasiri to look at her with jealousy on her face and began to paddle out again, Jasiri watched as they continued to paddle out.

She watched as they went further and further away from the shore unable to hear anything over the waves and at some point they disappeared over the waves, soon she saw them moving in sync as they weaved in and out of the wave, they quickly became visible again just as the tunnel collapse in on itself. “oh Peter this is so much fun.” Razzle told him as she lightly nuzzled him as they made it to the shore. “um thanks.” he said hopping off of the board, almost bumping into Jasiri as he landed next to her. “I hope everyone enjoyed it.” Onmyō Exclaimed causing everyone to cheer making him blush and bow.

“Now I'd really like to do what Dazzle likes to do.” he said smiling. “aww ok.” the others pouted, both of them chuckled and started walking out of the beach area, Onmyō looked back as they reached the top of the nearby hill. “don’t worry peter. She'll be safe with them.” Jasiri reassured him. “thank you." he told her, looking her in the eyes, a few seconds later they began to walk, and soon they were in a small forest. "The Royal Mjuzi’s tree should be here.” Jasiri told him as they looked up into the treetops. “Jasiri! What are you doing here? And with. Him!” a Mandrill female with a Staff asked while scowling at the site of him.

"This is my friend I told you about." Jasiri told her with a smile while Onmyō looked a bit nervous. "please don’t tell my mom.” Jasiri begged. “fine, come on, let me show you how to make healing paste.” the Mjuzi said, letting them up into her tree. “this is so exciting Peter.” Jasiri exclaimed excitedly as she nudged Onmyō before sitting down with Onmyō sitting slightly behind her. “all right now watch closely.” She told them as she took some flowers from a pile of dirt in the tree and put it into a bowl. “ this will dispel most poisons.” She told them as she glared at Onmyō while she grounded up the flowers before adding some sort of herb into the bowl and added some water.

"and this herb will numb the pain." She exclaimed. "and when it's done you can put it on something to help it stay on." She told them as she showed them. "ooohhh!” they both marveled at the medication the Royal Mjuzi made. "alright, now let me show you how to make a paralyzing mist." She exclaimed as she grabbed an orb-like gourd and removed the top of it as started to clean out the orb before setting it down and reached up and gathered some dried plants into another bowl and began to crush them, she continued looking at Onmyō, it took a while before it turned into a fine dust.

"Alright, now we put it in the gourd, and close it up." She told them before slowly pouring the powder into the gourd’s hollowed-out skin, she then put the top on the gourd and then she reached over and dipped a few fingers into one of the other bowls with red paste in it, she then took her fingers and smeared the paste around the rim of the lid of the gourd. “and we wait till it dries and we need it.” She told them setting down the gourd. “alright that will be enough for today I got to get back to recording the history of this land.” She told the both of them. “aww one more please.” Jasiri asked pleading with her. “no no, I have other duties to perform.” She told them as she lightly shooed them out of her tree.

“aw alright, come on Peter let's get back to our siblings.” Jasiri told Onmyō and he nodded in agreement and started to run off, they didn’t see where they were going and bumped into a lion looking similar to Onmyō's father, who only wore a cowboy hat. “Onmyō! What’s up?” he asked looking at the two with a look of unease. “oh! Uncle Jack! I’m just playing with my best friend, Dazzle” he told him leaning on her. “please don’t tell my mom or dad.” He pleaded to him. “I won’t tell, now go and play tiger.” He told him as he ruffled his head fur. “later Uncle Jack.” he exclaimed as he and Jasiri ran off.

Soon they slowed down to walk. “so what you think Peter?” Jasiri asked looking at him. “it was very interesting, I wouldn’t mind learning more.” Onmyō told her with a great smile on his face causing her to blush. “really?” she asked a little nervously. “yes I love to see more.” He told her with a huge smile which made her smile more, she leaned up against him with a light nuzzle. “come on, let's get back to the others.” She exclaimed before running off into the direction of the beach with Onmyō following close behind her, they soon found the others while they were playing with Nayla having fun causing Onmyō to sigh in relief.

“what’s with the sigh?” Jasiri asked. “it's nothing, I’m glad she’s having a good time.” Onmyō said before rushing off to join the others. “Onmyō and Jasiri is back." Nayla exclaimed as she grounded to a halt in front of a large rock before Making a beeline towards Onmyō, the others ran over to them with Nayla jumping onto her brother hugging him around the neck causing him to lift his head to see that the sun was setting. “so um, Tiger?” Jasiri asked. “oh, that’s what my uncle calls me thinking I might one day be fierce like my grandfather.” He told them.

“We should get going, it's getting late.” Jarjar told everyone. “aww can we at least see them home?” Bucky asked as he walked up besides Nayla. “we don’t want mom to come looking for us, do we?” he told Bucky causing him to frown. “ oh alright.” He spoke as Jasiri and Onmyō nuzzled each other. “ see you tomorrow?” she asked him. “most Definitely.” He exclaimed with a big o smile on his face. “ok see you then.” She said with a blush. “yeah see ya next time.” Razzle said as she slid by him causing Jasiri to glare at her. “ come on Bucky, Jasiri, waiting on you.” Jarjar exclaimed. “ don’t you mean dazzle?” Fifle exclaimed with a giggle, Jasiri just rolled her eyes and followed her brothers and sister.

Onmyō smiled as he watched the group until they moved out of sight. “ well Nayla, you ready to head back?” he asked as he looked at the spot where she was, only to find she wasn’t there. “ hey slow poke! You coming?” she yelled, looking at where her voice came from, he saw she was already on the hill path leading to their home. "coming." He chuckled as he started in a trot to catch up to her. “ so did you have fun?” Onmyō asked. “yes I did, I can’t wait for tomorrow.” She said smiling happily as she narrowly dodges rocks and trees along the way.

Soon they made their way back to their little cave while their mom and dad came in with food. “dinner time kids.” The mother said as their father slapped down the meal. “I’m starved.” Nayla said. “you and me both.” Onmyō Exclaimed while they walked to the food and began to eat, within a few minutes they were completely full. “ok off to bed with ya.” The dad told them. “ yes sir.” Onmyō said following his sister into their room. “good night Nayla.” Onmyō said with a yawn. “you too brothaar.” Nayla yawned before both laid down and closed their eyes.

The Ligers happy days: Day 4


the 4th chapter in a 7 chapter book

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