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最強メガシンカ | アラマノ log 2 ✦ [SME/Marissonshipping] by Angelos

最強メガシンカ | アラマノ log 2 ✦ [SME/Marissonshipping]


NOTICE: You are not authorized to use this artwork in any way, shape, or form!

This was originally submitted January 24th 2015 on my dA account
[on dA] || [on tumblr]

sketch log of a certain two dorks and their Pokemon that kinda took over and ruined my life (〃´▽`〃)

below is the original description from dA

最強メガシンカ | アラマノ log 2 ✦ Strongest Mega Evolution Special | MarissonShipping Log 2

Hey guys I'm still just kinda here being Pokemon trash C": Volume II of my descent into MarissonShipping hell~ (●´ω`●)
These are from mid Oct [where Log 1 left off] til around December or so. The dates don't go into December since I didn't sketch as much and what I did was either really messy or really embarrassing and I didn't wanna put those in here
R.I.P. me
Sorry not sorry about the last two ok maybe a little sorry for the last one omg it's kinda messy/bad
There were so many embarrassing ones I'm too chicken to post it's not even funny
Maybe I'm just weak and awkward though laughs like they're not.. that bad or anything XD I never do anything over PG pfft
but yeah short little log this time cuz I'm super awks!! :3

Ok so numbered left to right, up to down if you wanna read about the individual sketches:
1 - Another chibi Mega Charizard X~ I need to finish some of these pfft they're really cute

2 - Manon and Hari-san!~ Gods she's so cute I just love her so much ;v; I might finish this at some point~ Was playing around with chibi proportions for this one; still want to go even more chibi though XD I want to be able to do super super tiny chibis but it's hard for me cuz I always draw kinda big/too detailed/not chibi enough..

3,4 - ♪ ドリドリドリームパワー!DreamDreamパワー!!♪ Can't help but feel that yellow/green costume from ドリドリ [DORIDORI] reminds me a bit of Manon XD These won't be finished I might resketch another time though since I wanna get a nicer pose~ I hope you're happy I found a nice quality video [WITH AUDIO!!] it was ridiculously hard finding one with audio cuz all the youtube vids are muted OTL

5 - ポッキーの日 Pocky Day 11/11/14 I've always wanted to draw something for this day at some point so I finally did~ laughs give Alan a minute and he'll probably catch on (ゝω・)♡

6 - 「小さな ガールフレンド」
"That's quite a small girlfriend you got yourself there, Alan" - Lysandre
As much as I hate Lysandre for being the murderous, manipulative jerk that he is I have to admit this part made me laugh so hard oh gosh X"D Alan's reaction especially was pure gold pffft [everyone please watch ACT II ahahaha]
I don't know ok this one I nearly cut out I just wanted to draw these two being cute cuz I'm MarissonShipping trash

Everything watermarked since SOME PEOPLE can't seem to understand what DO NOT REPOST means =w=

Art © Angelos Angelos || Ange-ll-os@dA || starlitreverie@tumblr
Pokémon © Nintendo/Game Freak/Pokémon Company/???

DO NOT REPOST, EDIT, COPY, USE, REDISTRIBUTE, "REFERENCE" or TRACE etc... My art is not for free use or part of the public domain! Use in any way, shape, or form without my written permission will result in me reporting it. All rights reserved. Thanks!