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最強メガシンカ | アラマノ log 1 ✦ [SME/Marissonshipping] by Angelos

最強メガシンカ | アラマノ log 1 ✦ [SME/Marissonshipping]


NOTICE: You are not authorized to use this artwork in any way, shape, or form!

This was originally submitted October 25th 2014 on my dA account
[on dA] || [on tumblr]

sketch log of a certain two dorks and their Pokemon that kinda took over and ruined my life (〃´▽`〃)

below is the original description from dA

最強メガシンカ | アラマノ log 1 ✦ Strongest Mega Evolution Special | MarissonShipping Log 1

will be put in scrapbook probably later~
warning this is nearly 3000 pixels long so just like.. be aware XD

just me? yeah ok I thought so too don't mind me then I'll just be here in the trash bin where I belong

Last week I was joking with Moochiballs@dA saying I swear 95% of all my drawings/doodles since summer have been these two dorks and their Pokemon... the next day just for kicks I decided to do a tally and count... some math later I find out it was like 95.6% or something like that [current percent is probably higher since I drew a few more since then]
So moral of the story: don't joke about things then follow through to check; you will be disappointed in yourself C":
I can't remember the actual numbers but it was total ~50 drawings/doodles since summer mostly doodles on my class notes since I'm a terrible student~ Bright side though is I am like so much more comfortable drawing people now?? XD I can just casually doodle in class and they don't take forever/look really hideous so that's a plus haha

This is maybe about 20% of all the drawings and span from start of school in September til about mid October~ These are the nicer/cleaner/less embarrassing ones that I've decided I wouldn't mind sharing ... the rest.. I'll just keep to myself (;´∀`)♡

Someone send help laughs so people explained to me a thing.. so now I know what the heck shipping is [hint: not UPS] and we've come to the conclusion I kinda ship these two in a.. mostly... cute friend/platonic way.. (〃ノωノ)
//sobs into hands
Don't think too far into that weeps I know I know the age difference is SO SO AWKS we're not gonna go there ok

Halloween is coming up and thanks to a wonderful terrible decision during last week's reading week I might've accidentally spend a day scanning/backing up.... and possibly colouring a sketch messily so I had something for Halloween so look forward to that next week! .. And I only mildly felt guilty for that when later this week I was up til 3 most nights; til 4 on Thurs due to finished an entire 5.5 page report between 9pm-4am since I didn't get as much work done as I should've

Ok so numbered left to right, up to down if you wanna read about the individual sketches:
1 - Chibi Mega Charizard X from class~ I will be planning to finish this digital in the future! c:

2, 3, 4 - Alan and Charizard again from classes; these won't be finished

5 - Hey look a bunch of people. facing. left. X"D But to my defense everyone would be walking in the same direction it would be weird if everyone was walking in different directions. This one was done accidentally when I dazed out while doing homework so it's on nicer printer paper instead of lined~ I think I might try to finish this one when I have more time as well though low priority since it's kinda boring and I have other nicer ones XD

6 - Doodle from math class which is why it's on grid paper XD I did my best to block out my class notes but I couldn't avoid the bracket where Manon's foot is [yeah I doodle in every single class no exceptions] I am very uncomfortably aware Alan's right arm is too long oops I think I might've drawn Manon a bit too short which is why since I had her grab his hand ovo" I kinda like this for some reason so I may either work on high res scan or resketch this and colour it??

7 - woooo super thin super squished margin doodles XD I don't really know what to say //////// I may resketch/work off this in the future if I can get past my awkwardness since I quite like this one LOL [this is basically where the アラマノ / Marissonshipping starts weeps]

8 - Also might resketch this one at some point larger [more tiny math doodles] yeah tackle hugs are the best [and super cute ahaha] !!! Alan's face is really derp since it's so small and I couldn't get it right sorry I will fix that if I ever work on a colour version

9 - uggggyuuuuu~ Just a random cute kinda chibi doodle from class [least Alan looks a tad too chibi/young compared to Manon anyways XD]

10 - uhh.. 「Yーyou look cute」 //////
Started out as just cloth/folds studies but for some reason this one turned into Manon ┐(´∀`)┌
I started out with just rough guides/circles since I wasn't focused on detailed face/limbs and just drew the dress but then I liked it and then this happened ;v;""" Her hair under her hat is spiky and kinda jagged I bet it'd look super cute if she ever lets it down
Do plan on finishing this one at some point aaaa!!!!

sorry for having to watermark these too but dang I've seen too many people even stealing and/or reposting and/or CLAIMING/SIGNING other people's sketches recently GODS SERIOUSLY PEOPLE?? THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS

Art © Angelos Angelos || Ange-ll-os@dA || starlitreverie@tumblr
Pokémon © Nintendo/Game Freak/Pokémon Company/???

DO NOT REPOST, EDIT, COPY, USE, REDISTRIBUTE, "REFERENCE" or TRACE etc... My art is not for free use or part of the public domain! Use in any way, shape, or form without my written permission will result in me reporting it. All rights reserved. Thanks!