[3/6 OPEN flatsale] PASTEL DREAMS by Angelos

[3/6 OPEN flatsale] PASTEL DREAMS


16 July 2014 at 17:07:01 MDT

NOTICE: You are not authorized to use this artwork in any way, shape, or form!

This was originally submitted July 16th 2014 on my dA account
[on dA]

I take both dA points as well as paypal [USD]
Feel free to bid here on weasyl I will do my best to keep things up to date but please check the bid chains to be sure

Customs and commissions are open and I also have some discount commissions open as well!
Autobuys for designs on the right half will be added in a few days or so!

RULES! read or I'm gonna make you read them before I do any business
Notice: I will no longer sell to adoptable-only accounts; no one ever uses the designs it's a real waste. It's fine to have an adopt account just please use your main account when bidding/buying. Thanks!
1. DO NOT send me any points/cash until I've approved
2. Please try not to let these get forgotten/discarded; I get quite attached to some of these guys! ;u; I cannot and /will not/ take back designs, they are yours once bought. If you don't want the design anymore you may:
a) give it away for free/trade it to someone [no currency]
b) return it to me and I'll find it a new home (will not be sold)
3. You CANNOT resell these designs also PLEASE TELL ME IF OWNERS CHANGE THANKS!
4. DO NOT STEAL these designs or any for that matter
5. If you're read these rules write "『☆☆☆』" in your comment
6. Please credit me for the design~ c:
7. Please don't make drastic changes to the designs; basically keep it recognizable. Minor stuff is fine~
Not a rule but a little note:
8. If you draw/otherwise get a picture done of a design you got from me please do show me I'd love to see :"D

if you buy the design I can give you the original file by itself to use as a ref which is about 4x bigger than this pic

no last minute sniper bidding please! that is just rude and unfair to the previous bidder!

  1. Species: Kitsune [3 tails]
    Theme: Candy
    Created: May 28th 2014
    Highest Bid: AUTOBOUGHT by ranalligator@dA
    Owner: ranalligator@dA

  2. Species: Canine
    Theme: Paradise
    Created: July 15th 2014
    Highest Bid: $5.00 by Riroka@dA
    Owner: Riroka@dA

  3. Species: Fox
    Theme: Crystal
    Created: July 15th 2014
    Price: $4.00 || 400 dA points
    Owner: n/a

  4. Species: Canine
    Theme: Ambrosia
    Created: July 15th 2014
    Price: $5.00 || 500 dA points
    Owner: PENDING

  5. Species: Canine
    Theme: Fade
    Created: July 16th 2014
    Price: $4.00 || 400 dA points
    Owner: n/a

  6. Species: Fox
    Theme: Dawn
    Created: July 16th 2014
    Highest Bid: $5.00 by OneWingedAngelCloudy@dA
    Owner: OneWingedAngelCloudy@dA

Designed by & Art © Angelos Angelos || Ange-ll-os@dA
Characters belong to respective owners listed above once sold.

DO NOT REPOST, EDIT, COPY, USE, REDISTRIBUTE, "REFERENCE" or TRACE etc... My art is not for free use or part of the public domain! Use in any way, shape, or form without my written permission will result in me reporting it. All rights reserved. Thanks!

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