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Isabelle ruined it by Angellothefox

Isabelle ruined it


So it looked like you the new Mayor in this new town.
Isabelle and all the other animals great you and you start getting acquainted with your little town.

Little do they know you have incontinence and you have been keeping it a secret in your town for a while now.
After 3 Weeks of been Mayor Isabelle accsedently found out that you are wearing a diaper underneath your clothes.

Not only that but she gets the condition you have bang on!
To make you feel less uncomfortable she hatches an idea and goes ahead and starts working at her little cute desk.
She announces something to the citizens of your town but you did not quite get it because your still a little bit embarrassed. Something about diapers ... Oh no, she didn't, did she?

After a while of petting your head and speaking to you as if you were a little baby. She did not do this intentionally though.
She just thought you were really cute/cool mixed with the fact that she was trying to comfort you.
After a while, she told you to step outside so you did.
Boy, you were in for a shock.
She made a new law that all animals must be diapered in your town.
Exceptions for changing.
Oh Isabelle ruined it!

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