Cross Over 7 by Angellothefox (critique requested)

Cross Over 7 (critique requested)


9 May 2016 at 06:09:25 MDT

My I did not think this would take that long erm.. well this is the last one tonight or this morning. I will do the next when I find time.

But yes if you did not notice Angello and Angello's Grandmar the Ox and Purple cat also known as Juils/Susan went to the same pub as Crystal Fire. Crystal Fire been totally oblivious that Angellothefox the fox he wants is right behind him.

Not only that but so is Kitty62 at he could have questioned. Purple cat ha good luck with that and Angellothefox's Grandmother at she could have easyily told Crystal Fire where he was. But no it is better not to look in that direction and let nothing spoil your birthday you big black dragon.

Officially it is tomorrow so my birthday has expired