Stranger Tides by Angel-LeFey

Stranger Tides


11 September 2016 at 00:45:16 MDT

So, Angel warped to a new reality, this time on a whole other planet! This strange planet has a bunch of chimera creatures and multiple cycles of day and night time. Here we see Angel taking a handsome Valk Soldier to a "Day Bar" to enjoy some down time.

Angel: "I'm not even from this dimension, actually. And I'm not a Chimera. I hope that's not a problem."
Chim: "An inter-dimensional visitor? How exotic. Care for a drink?"
Angel: "Sure! What kind of drinks do you have in this world?"
Chim: "Sweet, alcoholic punches and fruit juices. Perfect for warm Thirdnights!"
Angel: "Thirdnight? You have multiple nights here!? Well, I guess that explains all the lights and glow in the dark plants."
Chim: "And its why we have day-bars that replicate the light of the sun. I will explain more later. For now, lets have some fun."

This is such a great Commission and may whatever divine beings bless miss   Irae for doing this. She had to deal with so many things while working on it that I am greatly appreciative of her.

Angel Belongs to me
Chimera @   LavaBatA1
Art @   Irae

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