RONSO International - April 2014 Preview by Angelion

RONSO International - April 2014 Preview


31 March 2014 at 17:32:12 MDT

Recollection Journal Entry
by Adeleon Ronso

It was the dry season and the Moonflow dried up inexplicably; leaving nothing more than a muddy mess to cross. The hypello refuse to take any travelers over; the risk of getting a shoopuf stuck in the thick mud is too great. They told me to wait for the next rains or cross on my own.

I got to make it across though; cant risk staying here for too long with bandits constantly at your throat and I got affairs to settle on the other side.
Whether instinctual or just cockiness I figured I would be able to across unhindered. I decided to head up river to the thinnest stretch as far as I could tell. Best to get undressed to avoid dirtying my clothes and things.

It's odd; without the Moonlilies in season the pyreflies are completely absent and it's almost eery to see the river like this. There's this lifelessness to it and the air is thick with a sense of dread.

I rolled up my clothes and started out on the trek. The sun is slowly starting to set and a fog is setting in. Is it really that late already? Could have sworn differently...

I wasn't even a few feet away from shore, when pyreflies appeared out of thin air and started circling me. With a faint calling they grew in numbers.

I should have waited for the shoopuf...

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