Here For You by Angelfonds

Here For You


18 January 2015 at 22:05:37 MST

Speed Paint:

Drawn 1/18/15

Featuring & Me


Dear, hun, babeh, its been one month already and I really hope we have many more. I wanted to portray you claiming me, protecting me from the storm and all those bad evil people who hate me... claiming me as your mate and only yours. With our tails side by side and you licking my snout I finally see I don't deserve your love but you give me it all regardless. You didn't care what others said about me and came after me. I love you and I worked my absolute hardest on the shading & background! I hope you love this and the speed paint. Because even if you hate celebrating months I'll still draw us a special thing every month.

~About The Piece~

So everyone knows I am always down, sad, hurt, depressed, etc etc but Viz stayed with me through all the storms loving me and never faltering. In this picture he is licking my snout saying its okay. Keeping his paw on him saying I am his and he will attack the viewer or whoever hurt/harmed me. The rain is the storm or sadness I always feel. I did my best with the glows, her tail, his pose, everything really.

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