Lost My Mind by Angelfonds

Lost My Mind


10 January 2015 at 16:47:40 MST

Drawn 1/5/15

The first drawing I submitted for 2015!!! WOOO

Anyway about this piece... uh ever since I got Angel's demon/winter form I wanted to try and draw it and well a vent art was perfect.... this drawing was because Angel lost her mind....she lost more than eight friends, hurt so many people, and every day she lives with that guilt.... but when I went to church yesterday a word from our pastor really made me feel better in my soul... it reached out to me and Angel.
He told everyone that 2015 is gonna be a better year because if we keep staying in our seat or goals when people knock us down, leave us, scorn us, or try to hurt our hopes...we will reach something even better at the end of all the pain....

Basically I am saying if I continue pushing on through all the pain, suffering, hurt, abuse, anything I will get something good in the end. I can't get things fast I have to let time give it to me and I don't need to fall because Everyone is right! I am not ugly, I have a future, I have great friends, art abilities, a purpose to live, a wonderful mate, a job, and yes I lost friends for "drama" but honestly let me say this.....

If they were real friends they'd help me change, they'd stick with me through it all... not leave me without a word as to why. So all the friends I have on Skype, DA, and here.... well thank you for dealing with me and comforting me... it means everything....for those I lost well its your loss not mine.
Because you can abuse me, hurt me, make me lose everything I have but I will stand strong because I believe in god....and have faith there's a reason why all this happened.

Artwork & Angelfonds belongs to ME

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