Iiers Gift by Angelfonds

Iiers Gift


31 July 2015 at 17:15:43 MDT

Little gift for my friend http://iiers.deviantart.com/

Used these songs when drawing this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9HsVScOYWo

Featuring: http://iiers.deviantart.com/art/Ref-2015-Si-420607557 & my fursona

~To Iiers~
I know you are going through a lot, some things I don't even know about you nor even know what you are going through. But listen, I too am going through things, but I am fighting the pain, the demons, and hurt, because we both have a reason to live. Live for your friends, your goals, your art, whatever you want it to be. Please don't leave me.....
Please don't leave us behind. I will carry you and never say good bye. Cause we are just Angels with broken wings that need to heal and we can carry each other to live forever you know?
Listen to the songs I linked above.... then you'll understand we are but the same even if I don't know your pain, your hurt, your life.
When I see your fursona and all of Si's scars I see that you had a rough life. Your "aura" or soul to me seems black, white, and gray and sometimes the black over takes the white and the gray is there to keep them in balance, but if too much black takes the white, the gray fades. And when more white is over the black, the gray feels no need to keep balance. Its just thoughts I felt upon thinking of your soul. You are your Si because I don't know your fursona as anyone else. You love rock probably heavy metal, etc things and you can see everyone can like the same things we just need to become friends. Or just know one another so when one wants to fall we can bring them back up.
You are a friend to me <_< cough yeah I had a crush but meh yo a$$ is gay so shrug Plus I am happily taken and I want the same for you. Here I am as Angelfonds holding you tight as you let out your pain as a roar. I will always be your gray or white to your soul making sure you don't cut yourself anymore, that you don't die on me because even if I don't know you as a person I feel I do even over the internet.
I don't care what people think of you, of what I am typing now because we don't give a shit, and never will. We are who we are! This is who we really are and people just gotta accept or bother someone else.
Please remember I will always be here for you & others and I won't ever just walk away even if you make me mad, sad, or just hurt to wanting to die. I will just heal and be here waiting like a dog. Hope everything gets better okay?

~Sincerely Angelfonds~

Yes I know I got to work on my to do list, but he's been down way too much and I wanted to cheer up my friend. Plus when I tried to work on my to do list nothing happened :/ like I couldn't work but I when I remembered my idea that I had wanted to get commissioned (though it never happened) I drew this for him. He deserves it no matter what <3 Hope you like and if you ever wanna use it for icons, wallpapers etc please remember my TOS.

Si belongs to http://iiers.deviantart.com/

Artwork & Angelfonds belongs to ME!

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