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December Elf Conbadge Exchange - Kittrel by AngelBlancoArts

December Elf Conbadge Exchange - Kittrel


7 January 2017 at 13:25:42 MST

comes in dressed as an elf
Hidee-ho, howdy-hay, I'm here with badges to brighten you day! XD

Seriously though, it's my first time being an "elf" for a Conbadge Exchange! I always love helping anytime I can. <:3
This past month, I adopted Kittrel since she didn't get a badge. ^^;

Her Journal listen two possible characters.
Vin, a swauve dressed fox with his trademark purple bowtie/
And Skippy Fox, a cute lil' mischievous baby fox!
I couldn't decided who to I drew them both! XD

I hope ya'll like em'. ^_^

Vin and Skippy Fox belong to Kittrel's husband
Art is mine


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    They're so cute! :D

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    AWWWWW these are amazing!!! Thank you so much!!! He is gonna be in love <3

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      Aww! I'm so happy that you and your husband are happy! X3
      It was my pleasure. ^_^

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    These came out great ! I adore your style