YCH Xetsa by AngelAito

YCH Xetsa


30 September 2014 at 00:16:31 MDT

Finished YCH auction for Xetsa that I had over on FA.

She is a kemonomimi so totally qualifies for a cross post C:
I really love how this one came out and I put so much more work into this then expected but it was totally worth it!
Glad you like it Xetsa and I hope others enjoy it as well <3 Love doing pieces like this!

Character belongs to Xetsa.
Artwork belongs to me, please do not copy, alter, trace or redistribute.


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    Gwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah~ /o/ So prettyyyyyyyyy~ I'm glad you got to make the beautiful Ouka ♥

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      Thanks so much <3 she was a ton of fun! She's so beautiful <3

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        eue She is so lovely ♥ You did her amazingly ^u^