Mid 14th Century Soldiery by AndrewShannon

Mid 14th Century Soldiery


4 December 2017 at 16:01:11 MST

Andrews dressed as mid 14th century common soldiers of western Europe. Many other peasant soldiers of the time would have mismashed gear, oftentimes stolen (one gauntlet for example), and their equipment was very different and certainly more poorly made than the well-known knightly gear of the period. A good example of this is the shingled helmet. It's quite obvious these things were made from poor metal and by poorly trained smiths, since by as early as the 11th century one piece designs, tougher than multi-constructed helmets, were popular. All that was needed was protection, nothing fancy, and by the fourteenth century nearly every soldier had at least a helmet and gambeson, though that was oftentimes about it...

Far left in a red gambeson, a small shield or buckler, and a shingled helmet with the cord tied around a normal hood and carrying a normal axe.

Left one in a blue gambeson, mail haubergeon and a cervelliere with aventail and carrying a bardiche.

Right one with a cheap sword and wearing a red gambeson, blue collar with a bascinet on his head and yellow padded chausses with very simple poleyns on his knees.

And finally the far right with a blue brigandine, yellow gambeson and a kettle hat over a normal coif and carrying a voulge.

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