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Haku sculpture repaired and repainted (for sale) by Among Sculptures

Haku sculpture repaired and repainted (for sale)

Among Sculptures

Guess who fell to the ground a million times cause no base and such? I wanted to repair and repaint him for as long as i can remember. Haku had his tail broken 3 times, one time almost completely severing it off the body, one horn got loose, one toe was lost and had to be redone, the remains of an eye had to be cut off and sculpted again as well as his nose and fang on his left side and the tail had to be reshaped to look properly and not like a tetris brick, for gods sake. That thing underneath is meant to be a cloud and not a heap of soap bubbles. Drawn on the wooden base is also literally the sky with a cloud even though it looks like a fluffy rug. I am usually not allowed to draw because the outcome can be dangerous but i wanted him to look exactly how i wished to see him, flying in the sky, many years prior when i first sculpted Haku but back in the good'ol'days i wasn't experienced enough to get it done. That's why i had to endure those clouds, to make that noodle happy, oh brother.....if there is anyone ready to adopt that little fella, just message me, price can be discussed!

(23 cm long, 23 cm high and 9 cm wide)
(9 inches long, 9 inches high and 3.5 inches wide)

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