XLR8 Ben Ten sculpture by Among Sculptures

XLR8 Ben Ten sculpture

Among Sculptures

20 April 2020 at 07:29:57 MDT

I know, i know, another gift sculpture. How am i ever going to live from my art if i am too dumb to make more originals to sell rather than just giveaways and gifts but you know, i love giving sculpture gifts to my friends and family members even if they have zero space left in their rooms and begging me to stop but this is my only way of showing my love to them since i am the living reincarnation of ,, broke,,. So, after this embarassing speach, we can come back to XLR8, a character from the series ,,Ben Ten,, he is for my younger sister (she has already more sculptures in her tiny room, then i have in my bigger one!). While my favorite character is Wildmutt, hers is XLR8 and i can understand why cause he looks really awesome, just like every other ben ten character! At the moment, he is standing like that, looking like he is trying to dance on his own but this is the early phase of giving clay on top of his armature, so he will look a bit different when he is finished. Until then, he will have to fly around like this!

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