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Mission Accomplished

Exactly one year and 2 days ago I started a personal project.

This project involved uploading at least one drawing every 3 days for an entire year, whether those may be simple sketches or full on pieces. I started this on my FA account on the 22/02/15, thus beginning to upload my stuff here as well some time later. I'm happy to say I succeeded with minimal slip ups to which I promptly remedied, ending up with a total of 135 submissions (134 here on Weasyl). My ''art'' has improved throughout, though it's clear that by the end of this project it has somewhat stagnated. A decrease in dedication and thus quality is more apparent in my latest works as I have frankly grown sick of drawing. Even so I kept it up whether I liked it or not, determined(-ish) to complete the project I started.

In the end, I'd say it was worth the effort: it shows above everything that I am capable of self discipline but I will take a break now. I'm completely burned out, not to mention that I got a lotta stuff on the fire right now so I wouldn't be able to dedicate myself to drawing even if I wanted to. Two words to explain it all: fucking finals. Hopefully the few pieces I may upload in the following months will have more quality to them as I don't have to follow a strict schedule anymore

That being said, here's a theme to go with the completion of my project. Cheers to me. I'd also like to thank those who watched me and, more importantly, commented on my works. It's always nice to get some feedback. And remember, I always, ALWAYS read all of the comments sent my way. If I don't reply it's simply because I don't have anything to say.
Ok, here's the actual tune now:

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    Ha ha! You like robots!

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      Kinda (especially Sonny and TARS & CASE <3) but I like me some good ol' squishy organic anthros a whole lot more

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        Nothing wrong with that. I just like robots because they have less trouble getting lids off for me.

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          Hahaha nice one!

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    Got Steam?

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      Yeh. Should be amiirwhite. Great choice on the avatar by the way

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    Awesome art dude! LOVIN' your alien dudes <3

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      Thanks a lot! :-)