Graduating by Amethyst Mare


Amethyst Mare

14 October 2013 at 03:19:27 MDT

I can't believe that I am actually graduating today. First in my direct family to do so; I only know of one other in my extended family who has graduated (and went on to do her masters too). I wish I could do my masters degree also, but I'm going to have to do a distance learning one for Creative Writing later on (unless I end up living in an university town/city and close to both work and university). That's for later!

But I am pretty pleased. Came through a lot of shit, got my 2:1 (upper second classification). I don't think anyone on the English course was awarded a first this year as they really turned harsh with the marking, not sure why - we only seem to have received firsts for individual modules or assignments, not overall. I'm a bit annoyed at some of my grades but it's all over and done with now so I don't have to worry as I have the result I need ^^

I don't actually want to go to the graduation ceremony but my parents are kind of making me go v.v I suppose I thought, "if I'm hopefully moving after this, they should have my graduation to brag about before they hate me for being independent again". I am VERY happy to get my degree, don't get me wrong! Just the ceremony seems a bit superfluous at this point.

Thanks, guys :)

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