Hot or Iced? by Amethyst Mare

Hot or Iced?

Amethyst Mare

20 November 2015 at 14:44:17 MST

The story that YOU voted in is nearly ready to go live!

Feel in need of a little cheer up this evening so decided to release the cover art for 'Hot or Iced?', a story featuring a rather sly red fox! Everyone has had 'that' experience in a coffee shop when one rude customer just doesn't seem to understand how things work. Perhaps you have worked in a coffee shop. What would it be like to get a little...revenge? This story plays into just that!

This story has been written and is available to read on Patreon ( - it's been up for a while! I will do my best to edit the story this weekend and then will pass it to my proofreader to catch typos and such. I try to edit my own work for all the practice I can get but sometimes you really do need someone new to a story to cast their eye over it.

Art by Furrine, who is a delight to work with. I could not ask for better work and she is fantastic to work with, always helpful and willing to go that extra step for you.

Art (c) Furrine (
Character / story (c) Amethyst Mare (Arian Mabe)