Behind the Barbell by Amethyst Mare

Behind the Barbell

Amethyst Mare

10 November 2015 at 13:05:41 MST


As Brushfire popped this up, I shouldn't hold back on this one any longer!

Patreon supporters (thank you <3 ) got to see this last weekend but here you go! The cropped version of the cover art for my gay erotica short story series, Behind the Barbell. This series will be published as a collection in eBook format and will be available for purchase. Patreon supporters are able to view drafts ($10 pcm) and access the final, edited stories ($20 pcm) if they so desire!

I really love how this one came out and it is by far the most expensive piece that I have commissioned. It made my wallet hurt but, honestly, look at it: so worth every penny and more!

Brushfire is fabulous to work with and her attention to detail is impeccable - I highly recommend commissioning her and supporting her Patreon!

Character/series (c) Amethyst Mare
Art (c) Brushfire (

(Note: this image is used as cover art with permission and fee paid to Brushfire.)