Behind the Barbell - cover art teaser by Amethyst Mare

Behind the Barbell - cover art teaser

Amethyst Mare

7 November 2015 at 11:23:10 MST

Art by Brushfire! Go check her out! (

A sneak peak of the cover art for Behind the Barbell, a 5 story mini-series composed of gay erotic short stories, all of which will be set in the gym. Who wouldn't want to read about hot hunks having some semi-public fun?

Our lad here on the cover, I will reveal, is called 'Malcolm'!

This story series is available on Patreon - - and the FULL VERSION of the cover may be viewed early on Patreon! 3/5 of the stories for this series have been drafted and are available for early reading to $10 supporters (drafts only) and $20 supporters (edited/polished copies). At the conclusion of this project, the mini series will be published on Kindle and Sellfy for you to read!

Stay tuned and sub to the folder to get quick updates!

Art (c) Brushfire (please do not re-post without the artist's name on the image)
Character / series (c) Amethyst Mare