Meryl's Handiwork by Amber-Aria

Meryl's Handiwork


24 August 2014 at 14:39:19 MDT

This is an in-stream commission for Balina, who requested an amusing idea we discussed ages ago, during the creation of another of her speedpaintings, Ridiculactation. Basically, we wanted to draw Meryl harrassing a milk-swollen Bal in some way. Since Meryl's a seamstress afflicted with excessive lactation herself, she turned out to be a perfect fit for helping this embarrassable moof get some new tops! Though Meryl's not one to lose an opportunity to show off and tease a bit, and demonstrate why her handiwork is built to handle the bustiest situations~


Media Used: PaintTool SAI
Time Taken: 3 hours
Commission Type: Speedpaint (Marker Style)


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    Meryl, much like Amber herself, is an expert moof-wrangler. Remind me to add 'bench-pressing a moof' to the idle idea pile.

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    I keep hearing 'wet hands on a balloon' squeaky sounds when I look at this pic. ;)