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I Must Dance! (TFTG) by Amber-Aria

I Must Dance! (TFTG)


27 August 2015 at 20:55:59 MDT

Lurking out of sight, a wizard spies a human adventurer, Deiser Deiser, trespassing into his lair. With a burst of magic, Deiser's axe is made useless, and compels him into a transformative dance. At first his movements are awkward, but as his movements become more graceful, so does his form. Once her dance is complete, the once-adventurer spies the one who transformed her, and gladly beckons him closer for a better look.


Media Used: PaintTool SAI
Time Taken: 7 hours, 20 minutes
Commission Type: Monochrome Sketch (pencil style)


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    You can dance if you want to! You can also dance if you don't want to, that's cool too!

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    Well, that's certainly a change of pace!